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What is a Vapor Pen?
It is an aromatherapy device that heats herbs, oils or waxes without combusting (burning) them therefore avoiding the toxic and carcinogenic by-products of smoke. The pen heats the active ingredient to 350-375 degrees so that the vapors are released for inhalation and therapy.

Are your pens unique?
Yes they are. Our luxury pens are designed by Bruno Maglioni. They come is various styles and finishes which includes stainless steel, silver and gold plated and our top of the line pens have diamonds and precious jewels on the cap.

Any other reason why your Vapor Pens are unique?
Yes, our cartridges have a proprietary filter inside the mouth piece. As smoke flows through the filter, air flows through the filter perforations and mixes in with the smoke. With each puff, the smoker receives more air and much less smoke, and therefore its healthier.

What makes your Vapor Pens special?
Besides being unique, our pens are very high quality made from the finest materials.

What about refill/cartridges?
Our refill cartridges are made from stainless steel and can only be refilled by an an authorized agent or dealer.

Why stainless steel refill cartridges?
Our refill cartridges are designed for the medical industry and are medically approved. They offer a cleaner vapor.

Where do I buy refill cartridges?
You can buy them from the same retailer or dispensary that sold you the Vapor Pen.

Can I refill the cartridges myself?
Unfortunately our cartridges are designed for the medical market and are disposable, therefore they may not be refilled by customer or store.

Can I purchase your Vapor Pen?
Our Vapor Pens are sold to retailers and dispensaries who then will sell them to end users directly.

Will you extend credit to my business?
We will extend credit to some businesses who qualify. Please fill out the credit application and submit to us. We will advise you as to your credit limit. If we do not extend credit to you, you may pay by credit card, wire transfer or PayPal.

What are payment terms?
All invoices are net 15 days.

What is the product warranty?
All of our pens carry a 30 day warranty against defects. If you experience any problems with your product, simply return it to your place of purchase for a prompt exchange.